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Life Quoting & Product Info

Use the following links to quote your clients for life insurance and access product information for each of the carriers:

American General & Transamerica

This is the link that you will use to quote all your clients, once you have selected a policy to apply for it will take you into where you can fill out the application for the client.  You will use this link the most. 

This link will take you to a comprehensive break down of everything related to all the products you can quote.  It displays everything from product features, to risk classes, to underwriting guidelines.

This link takes you to a place where you can download any and every form related to each product. For instance if you need an amendment signed or need a paper version of the application, you can find those forms here.

This can be used instead of the Term Life Quoter as a fast way of getting an AG quote.   Use this if you only want to get an AG quote. 

This is where an AG Quick Ticket can be filled out.  This will be used alongside the Rapid Rater if you need to fill out an application.  Username:  Hskinsurance1

PW: Ready2go


Simplified Issued Products

These policies have a max face value of $100,000

Viva Life


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